Stocking Stuffer Swag Bag

How to get a Swag Bag

Camp Lake Louise is excited to give you a little surprise during this season of celebration! We are giving away 50 swag bags! Swag bags vary some but will be similar to what is pictured.

Would you like this gift? All you have to do is pay $7 to help cover the shipping costs.


Want to help reach more campers?

Camp Lake Louise is run completely off gifts made by you and all your gift will go directly to helping campers!  You can add a gift to your $7 to help Camp Lake Louise reach more campers for Christ. ANY AMOUNT will help us reach more campers.  A simple monthly gift of $30 adds up over the year and could send a camper to camp next summer. Just fill out the form below and select one time or recurring for your gift. You can specify in the comments how you would like your gift to be used.

Donation Details

Please make sure to indicate “Swag Bag”  in the comments sections of your donation.  This will help us know to send you a swag bag.  A minimum donation for the swag bag is $7 (to cover shipping). We hope you would also consider a one-time or re-occurring gift.  Remember a gift as little as $30 a month covers a full single camper sponsorship