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Higher Ground at Lake Louise Psalm68Five

Higher Ground at Lake Louise partners with Psalm68five Ministries to offer the Psalm68Five Scholarship for children growing up without a father present in their lives. We also support single moms of qualifying children by providing this scholarship to them as well. We are blessed to offer kids and single moms a time at camp where they can experience the love of a Father who has special blessings for them.  During their stay with us they will have a mentor who encourages and supports them throughout the week.

Who Qualifies? Any child whose father has passed away, is incarcerated, has abandoned the family, or very rarely connects with the family. Children in foster care are also eligible to receive this scholarship. Single moms who have children who qualify for the Psalm68Five Scholarship are also invited to attend one of our family camps with their children through the Psalm68Five Scholarship.

While our heart goes out to children of divorced parents, this scholarship is not designated for them unless they have extremely limited contact with their father. To protect the intent and integrity of this scholarship, we ask that you do not apply for this scholarship if you or your children are not truly eligible. If you have financial concerns and do not qualify for the Psalm68Five Scholarship, please apply for the HG@LL General Scholarship. We never want financial concerns to be the reason someone is unable to attend camp.

What is the cost? Nothing- the Psalm68Five scholarship covers the camper registration fees 100%. However, to secure your spot, we require a $25 deposit. This amount will be transferred to the camper as store credit once they arrive for camp.     

How do I apply? To apply for this scholarship, you must first register yourself or your child for camp. Once registration is complete, please fill out the scholarship application online. Be sure to provide as much information as you are able when completing the application. You will receive a notification once your application has been received. Higher Ground staff will contact you to clarify your family situation and a determination will be made by the Finance Committee.

If you have any questions regarding finances or eligibility for this scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact us at registrar@hgatll.com.

We hope this scholarship makes it possible for you to join us for a memorable week of camp!