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Angel Tree Scholarship

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree is pleased to partner with Higher Ground at Lake Louise to provide scholarships to allow children with incarcerated parents to attend camp at no cost.

Who Qualifies? Any child that has been recommended to HG@LL through Angel Tree, has an incarcerated parent, or lives in a household of a child who has an incarcerated parent.

What is the cost? Nothing- the Angel Tree Scholarship covers the camper registration fees 100%. However, to secure your spot, we require a $25 deposit. This amount will be transferred to the camper as store credit once they arrive for camp.    

How do I apply? To apply for this scholarship, you must first register yourself or your child for camp. Once registration is complete, please fill out the scholarship application online. Be sure to provide as much information as you are able when completing the application. You will receive a notification once your application has been received. 

If you have any questions regarding finances or eligibility for this scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact us at registrar@hgatll.com.

We hope this scholarship makes it possible for you to join us for a memorable week of camp!