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These are some items that we encourage you to pack as you prepare for your week at camp.  We are excited to have you join us and want to be sure you have everything you need for a great week!


Here are some great packing tips to make sure that your camper has a great week!

  • Girls: shorts should reach past your fingertips and tank top straps should be at least as wide as two fingers.
  • Put your sleeping bag or bedding in a bag with your pillow so that it is easier to carry through camp.
  • Place all toiletries in a plastic bag that is easy to carry to and from the bath houses each day.
  • It is recommended that you bring a garbage bag or laundry bag for dirty clothes. You may even want an extra plastic bag or two in case your child has to bring home wet clothes or swimsuits.
  • Write your camper’s name or initials on each item.
  • Make your bags visually distinctive through bright ribbons, duct tape, or bag tags
  • Please make sure all medications are in their original containers and are turned in to the health officer immediately upon arrival to camp.
  • We have plenty of first aid items in the health office, so please don’t worry about non-prescription medications, bandages or ointments.
  • For clothing items, remember to pack enough for one change of clothes each day of camp


It is a good idea to leave some items at home for the week of camp.


The following items are also prohibited as stated in the Higher Ground at Lake Louise policies, and if found on a camper will result in confiscation of the item(s) and may result in immediate dismissal from camp:

Our updated policy on electronic devices (youth camps)

Each summer, our top priority is to keep all campers and staff safe and healthy while we encounter the Father heart of God through relationships and experiences in creation at Higher Ground at Lake Louise. To ensure this goal is met, we have created guidelines and procedures to offer campers the best chance at such an experience.  To provide your child with the opportunity to engage the Father, creation, and new friends, we are updating our policy on electronic devices.  Please see our policy here.



  • If you arrive earlier than 2:00PM, you should wait in your car in the driveway until we open the gate.  We will be open for checking in from 2:00 – 3:30 PM.

  • You will be greeted by one of the members of our leadership staff who will direct you through the Check-In process

  •  A brief health screening of the camper, a non-touch temperature check, and a COVID-19 rapid test will be required for campers who are not vaccinated or who have not received a negative COVID-19 test in the previous 2-4 days (Please have $5, preferably cash, ready.)

  • Campers will receive their cabin assignments upon arrival

  • Medications will be turned in to the Health Officers
  • Allergies and dietary restrictions will be discussed with the Head Cook
  • If you will need to arrive later than 3:30 PM, please let us know at 231-549-2889 or 616-772-3040.
  • Late arrivals should go directly to the Camp Office until they have been checked-in.
  • Please be aware of when the last day of your camp session is

  • Check-Out will be from 10:00 – 11:30 AM the last day of your camp

  • If you arrive earlier than 10:00AM, you should wait in your car in the driveway until we open the gate

  • Campers will only be released to authorized persons based on names provided by the parent/guardian. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL REQUIRE PHOTO ID FOR PICK-UP

  • Please call the Camp Office at (231) 549-2889 to add authorized names

  • If another authorized person is picking up your child, please share this procedural information with them

  • A highlight video will be posted to YouTube (Higher Ground at Lake Louise) for you to watch when you get home

  • To allow our staff time to prepare for the next camp session, please be timely in picking up your camper


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