Summer Schedule

Bright Futures Week

August 15 - August 21

Bright Futures Week is in partnership with Escape Ministries.

Bright Futures Week serves to empower and enable young men growing up fatherless to not be defined by the brokenness in their lives. We are calling young men to a new reality, utilizing inspiring role models, dynamic recreation, and the power of story to motivate them to move beyond the pain of their father-wound and abandonment into healthy and God-honoring manhood.

It is our deepest hope that Bright Futures Week is a catalyst for you to have discipleship conversations and move your young men into living who they were created to be. Thousands of young men experienced freedom by addressing their father wound and finding their core identity as a son of God. We are praying with and for you, as you continue to contend for the hearts and minds of these young men.

To register for this event you must be a part of Escape Ministries.  Please contact them at 616.396.4481 or learn more HERE.


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