Summer Schedule

Winning at Home Family Camp

July 4 - July 10

This week is dedicated to strengthening families as well as providing a retreat from busy schedules.  Families spend the week in their own cabin, sharing with another family only upon request.  Parents are able to attend group lessons while children and teens attend their own activities and lessons with other leaders.   Join us for an amazing week that will bring your family closer together.


Annaliese Seaborn

Annaliese Seaborn is a certified professional Life & Career Design Coach with Winning At Home. Her joy is to help women and college students as they want to feel their own purpose more clearly, and feel a meaningful impact in their personal and professional lives. Her background and lifelong passion is the study of how people work – how and why they behave, feel, communicate, and think the way they do. She sees coaching as a naturally empowering way to journey with others navigating life’s struggles and joys and help them truly get to live the life they want and that God designed for them.


Alan Seaborn

Alan Seaborn is an author at Winning At Home and speaks and writes about marriage and growth along the journey of life. He and his wife, Annaliese, have been married since 2014 and live in West Michigan.  Alan will be serving as our Camp Pastor.





Camp Details

Cost: $275 per camper / $750 family maximum


July Camp

Check-in: Saturday, July 4th 2:00 pm

Check-out: Friday, July 10th 11:00 am



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2018 Camp Highlights Video

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