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Higher Ground at Lake Louise is located in the peaceful woods of northern Michigan on 22 acres of land outside of Boyne Falls. Nestled along spring-fed Thumb Lake, Higher Ground at Lake Louise is a retreat from the hustle of life. The stars light the night sky and the laughter of campers fills the air. Higher Ground at Lake Louise offers a beautiful beach, fun lake activities and a setting away from the noises and distractions of the city. What brings campers back year after year are the relationships formed over the course of a week at camp together.


“Leading campers to know God, love God, and serve God through faith in Jesus Christ.”  Working alongside the church and families, we believe camp ministry is an important part of spiritual growth and formation for all ages.  Each year, we work towards excellence in creating biblically based programs which allow campers to grow closer to God in a safe and fun environment.


Before the idea of Higher Ground at Lake Louise ever existed, the Horner Family had purchased all of the land surrounding Thumb Lake.  The family, along with Reverand Niles, dedicated the land to the use of ministry for the United Methodist Churches, forming Lake Louise Christian Community.  Although the true name of the lake is Thumb Lake, it was fondly called Lake Louise by the Horner Family due to the Lake’s natural landscape beauty which mirrored that of Lake Louise in Canada.  The name has stuck. In 1937, the United Methodist region decided to begin renting land to the American Baptist Churches of Michigan (ABC-MI) for camping use. Lake Louise Baptist Camp was formed.  In recent years, the camp, under the direction of a Board of Directors, has sought to expand its reach to the wider Christian community as well as the unchurched.  To be sensitive to a broader demographic, we are now known as Higher Ground at Lake Louise. The camp will always have American Baptist roots and connections, but will continue to partner with multiple Christian denominations and organizations to maximize our Kingdom impact.

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